YBT Construction is amongst the most reliable companies in its sector and acts on the principle that trust is the corner- stone of human relations. Therefore, YBT Construction has based its management and quality policy primarily on “trust” and has shaped its quality policy according to the following principles:

• Strive to achieve company and departmental objectives, based on a philosophy of total quality and guided by a team  spirit whilst always open to development and innovation.
• Certify our quality management system so as to fulfill the requirements of international Quality Management Systems, 
• Accurately perceive the demands of our clients in our projects, correctly process the requests of our clientele, and fully comply with these requests, 
• Complete and submit projects on time and in accordance with the work schedule and technical specifications,
• Ensure that improvement becomes second nature to staff members as a result of analysis and development of work processes,
• Constantly organize activities so as to enhance training and  personal development and maintain a dynamic team spirit fostered by sharing knowledge and responsibility in line with the principle of transparent management with the aim of guaranteeing the health, safety, present, and future of our staff and increasing their loyalty and satisfaction.