In order to determine and oversee its operations’ environmental impact and risks and thus minimize factors that negatively affect the environment, YBT Construction has obtained ISO 14001 certification. Again, by achieving OHSAS 18001 certification our company has officially proven its awareness of occupational safety and the importance it attaches to occupational health in the general working environment and in its operations. In line with this perspective, YBT construction has embraced the following as its policy:

• To comply with rules and regulations regarding occupational health and safety and the environment in Turkey and in other countries where it operates,

• To adapt on-going improvement and development as a fundamental principle in all its operations, To accomplish the goals of quality, on-time error-free production, energy efficiency, cost, and profitability with the participation and cooperation of all YBT construction staff members,

• When implementing Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental management systems, to take into consideration the expectations of all parties including clients,
• To emphasize waste recycling and ensure that waste is separated at the source and reused,
• To take measures to prevent waste in the consumption of energy and natural resources,
• To prevent hazardous environments that can lead to accidents and eliminate existing hazardous environments.