YBT Construction and Trade Co. Ltd. commenced its operations in the Turkish construction sector in 2006. Through consistently delivering services to an international standard both in the general contracting industry and in airport, road and infrastructure construction, YBT has successfully developed into an exclusive brand recognized both in Turkey and abroad. YBT Construction has remained strongly committed to using state-of-the-art technology, perfecting the art of the project management, and paying close attention to the quality of our product. Due to our strong commitment to advanced technology in our field, YBT Construction has sustained its philosophy of continued improvement with each and every new project. We operate with the same enthusiasm as the day the company was founded and maintain our commitment to excellence with well-qualified staff, modern equipment and passion to deliver to the demands of rapidly changing construction industry.

Today, thanks to our established infrastructure, our specialized dynamic staff, and our contemporary  management style, we firmly believe that we will accomplish even greater projects and continue to undertake major projects both in domestic and international markets.

YBT utilizes international quality certificated materials in its applications and works with highest class workmanship, materials and machinery to maintain the best outcome.

YBT carries out projects diligently by expert technical staff members and consultancy of material suppliers. From the founding of the company, YBT continues to advance and widen its implementation scope with gratifications and supporting of customers.


We strive to be a genuinely world-class company of superior quality, possessing team spirit, with our employees wholeheartedly embracing a philosophy of total quality. YBT Construction is committed to remaining highly competitive and constantly improves and strengthens itself by following the very latest technological developments in order to increase client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is ensured through the high standard of the products and services we offer, which aim to surpass client expectations. We believe in responsibility and respect the environment and fully comply with quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management regulations and legal obligations. We take active measures during planning and production to minimize the effects that could be potentially harmful to the environment and to health.